Tell Yulia not to worry about it

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"Don't worry about it. We won't be using it anytime soon," you say as you approach Yulia. You reach in the bag and pull out a thin buttplug and thick dildo. You kiss the blonde, then hold the tip of your black rubber cock to your lips as you give her a lusty look. "Fuck me with these," you say as you lie down and suck on the tip.

Yulia follows you onto the bed. You roll onto your stomach as she lubes up the buttplug. Her hands pull at your cheeks as she finds your sphincter and slides the slippery toy into your rectum. She pumps it several times inside you, smearing the lube over your asshole as she rubs your firm butt. She leaves the toy buried inside you, then rolls you over. The thick head of the dildo is lined up with your wet pussy and pressed against you. You grunt in pain as the phallus stretches you, but you guide the blonde's hand into you to reassure her. Kissing you gently, Yulia slowly works the big toy into you with one hand as she strokes your hair with the other. Soon your pussy and ass are both full.

The Russian goes back to the bag and finds a vibrator. Kneeling beside you, she presses the humming tip to your swolllen clit, making you jump. Your fingers snake into Yulia's shorts and find her slit as she presses the vibrator firmly against you and sucks on your tit. She holds the vibe in one hand as the other alternates between your two fucked holes, pounding you into a frenzy. You're going to cum at any moment.

Do you:

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