Tell Lita to call Linda

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Lita walks away. You can hear her talking on the phone, but can't make out her words. She walks back in, fully dressed, and unties you.

"Annabelle is going to class," Lita says. "So I'll have to make sure you don't try to squirm out of our deal."

"I'm not going to run out of here naked!" you reply. You realize you have no idea where Lita has hidden your clothes.

You hear the front door open. "In here!" Lita calls out. The door closes and Linda, a short blonde woman with lots of curves, walks in. She's wearing a skintight dress with nothing on underneath.

"Ooh, nice," Linda says, eying your naked body. She slips her dress off. "Now what should I do to him?"

Your rod is already at full length as you motion for Linda to climb onto the bed. You say...

Health Horny Location:

Lita's House

MP 0
Level 5
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