Tell Lita to call Carol

From Create Your Own Story

Lita walks out of the room. You can hear her on the phone, but can't make out the words. When she returns, she undoes your bonds.

"Where are my clothes?" you ask.

"I'll return them when the time is right," Lita says with a purr. "I like the way you look without them. Now lay down on the bed."

You lay down and almost instantly hear the front door open, then shut. "In here, Carol!" Lita calls out.

You hear sounds like someone changing clothes. Carol walks into the room wearing a white bra and white panties. They contrast very nicely with her coal-black skin. She's carrying a feather in her hand.

"Oooh, very nice," Carol says. She runs the feather over your chest, then your legs. Looking at her and feeling the touch of the feather makes your rod stiffen fully.

"Well, well, well," purrs Carol, "I think you like me. Should I tease you a bit more, or should I see how well your tongue fits in my pussy?"

You reply...

Health Horny Location:

Lita's House

MP 0
Level 5
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