Tell Emily you'll let her know after you finish the session

From Create Your Own Story

"I... oof... can't think... uh!... while making love," you pant. "I'll let... you know... when we're done."

Emily says nothing, as she's occupied with shuddering through another orgasm. Her body writhes sinuously as she bounces up and down on your pole. You try to match her movements. Soon she's in a state of continual climax.

When you finally fill her, she slides off you and pulls your exhausted body against her. After her brain regains its higher functions, she whispers, "Do we have a deal?"

More than half-asleep, you murmur "Yes, Emily" without fully hearing or processing the question. You pass out in her arms.

The next morning, you awaken with a raging hard-on. When you fully regain consciousness, you see Emily lying next to you with a soft, sexy smile. One of her hands is stroking your swollen rod and the other is fingering her dripping box.

"Morning, boyfriend," Emily husks. "Now that you're mine alone, I'll be wanting a lot of your body. Right now I want your pole in my pussy. Pick a position."

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