Teasingly grope the blonde's bare butt and kiss her chest

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Status: Naked on a beach

Your arms go around her shoulders and slide down her back until you're gripping her buttocks, one cheek in each hand. As you caress her butt, you begin kissing her breasts, circling her areola with your lips before tonguing her nipples. She squirms in your arms, moaning with pleasure as she presses herself against you.

Your breasts and hers are now pressed together, your nipples brushing against hers. You're both breathing heavily now as you feel her hands on your own ass while you continue caressing hers.

One hand leaves your ass, only to reappear reaching between your thighs, and you feel a jolt as her fingers begin teasing and caressing your clit.

Finally you both sink to the ground, and as the waves wash over you, take turns fingering and fisting each other over and over again. You've lost count of how many orgasms she's brought you to and after what feels like hours later, you're lying on the beach in each other's arms gasping for breath, feeling the most delicious ache between your thighs.

"I'm Cassie, by the way," she says. You tell her your name, and the conversation turns to what you're doing on the beach and your stuff being gone.

"You can stay at my place tonight," Cassie says. "I'll make sure you get home okay tomorrow. You look like you'll fit in my clothes. Not that you'll be needing any tonight," she says with a sly smile.

You eagerly accept the offer, and you spend the most heavenly night of your life making love to Cassie. You're both insatiable for each other's bodies, and you don't get any sleep at all.

When morning comes, you're in no hurry to leave her company. When she takes you home, you invite her in, and another wild round of lovemaking follows.

And another, and another, and another.


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