TPM: Head over to the Gungans

From Create Your Own Story

As a young queen you are unsure of the Gungans, while much of your opinion comes from years of prejudice Jar-Jar has done a lot to split you open on the subject of inter-species relations. The people of Naboo do not communicate with the Gungan and so, for your safety, you have your handmaid Sabé once again masquerading as you, and you also have three security guards. You walk over to the secret Gungan lair on foot through the dense jungle, Jar-Jar Binks lead you there. Sabé approaches the Gungan high chiefs.

"Boss Nass, we the humble people of Naboo, request your help. The Trade Federation has blockaded our planet. We cannot trade or communicate with anyone. Please we need your help," Sabé begs.

"Wesa no like the Naboo. They think they brain so big!" He says and spits all over everyone.

The Gungans clearly need to be persuaded, Sabé tries to entice them with...

Star Wars: The Complete Erotic Saga
Padme Amidala
The Phantom Menace

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