Shift into the woman in the tank top

From Create Your Own Story

You shift into the woman in the tank top, and your thoughts are momentarily overwhelmed by one overriding thought.

Get my money.

You go by Jazz, you're 22 and sick to death of people thinking they're smarter than you. They're not, and they should know their place. You've worked as a freelance escort for almost two years and have made your peace with the job.

Your contact is a Latin guy who calls himself Speed (after his lifestyle or his drug of choice, you choose). He's mostly solid, but you're getting the impresion you're on his shit list. No more client bios or big events. Now you're room candy or worse. Today's "meet a taxi" job tells you he's trying to lose you.

You could fucking run his business, and he wants to dump you-

You snap out of it. You aren't Jazz, you're in her body. Woman's got a will like a freight train. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear she was still trying to control you.

You snap back to the now. In front of you, Jessica is wailing in confusion at her surroundings.

Do you:

You are possessing:
Tank top woman
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