She takes her dress off, not wanting to offend the Queen

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Ever agreeable to reasonable royal requests, Catelyn allowed her dress to fall around her feet, then turned to get the kettle. The admiring look she received from the Queen was flattering... even pleasant. And why shouldn't she look so? Cat thought, I've nothing to be ashamed of. We are both ladies, and I was a court beauty in my day, the same as her. Even if, Cat had to admit, it had hardly been to the same degree. As Catelyn brought the kettle to the tub, she once again got an excellent view of Cersei's breasts, her red nipples hard as little stones.

Cersei watched her pour the water, green eyes glistening, and then briefly dipped her hand into the tub to test it. With a smile, she stepped into the tub, and slowly lowered her nude form into it. The Queen gave a long, contented sigh, and leaned back for a moment. Catelyn stood there, wondering what was to come next, when after giving her arms a few idle scrubs, the Queen turned to look at her.

"Lady Stark," murmured Cersei, "I wonder if you would be so kind as to wash my back?"

"Certainly, Your Grace," said Catelyn, leaning forward to rub Cersei's flawless skin. The Queen gave a happy little groan as Catelyn's fingers massaged her back, working up a proper lather. Cat grabbed little handfuls of water and poured it over the Queen's skin, letting the suds run back in the tub.

"Mmmm, very nice," whispered Cersei. Then, to Catelyn's surprise, she rose in the tub, the water rolling off her damp, glistening skin. "Perhaps, you would go lower...?"

Catelyn nodded and ran her hands down the small of the Queen's back, rubbing and pinching the nubile flesh. One of Cersei's hands covered hers, and pulled it down to one luscious ass cheek.

"Lower," hissed the Queen urgently, pressing Cat's hand into her skin. Cat obeyed eagerly, pressing her fingers into her soft cheeks, watching Cersei's ass ripple as she played with it.

The Queen turned suddenly, smiling in a manner that was downright predatory. "Perhaps you could take care of my front now?"

Does she comply?

(Alias the Rat)

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