She sees Bran

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Panicking, Bran pulls his pants up, generating more noise. Sansa stand up, locking on to the bush. She can make out a human shape behind the bush, and it frightens her.

"Who's there?!" She asked, alarmed. She covered her body, her arm over her breasts and a hand covering her most private region. Worried she would call the guards, and he would be in more trouble, Bran slowly stood up. As soon as she saw the identity of her peeping tom, her fear turned to anger.

"HOW DARE YOU," she yelled, storming over to Bran. Bran sheepishly emerged from the bushes and braced himself. "Not only is this a complete invasion of my privacy, but it's completely ruined my day." Bran nodded, staring at her breasts. In her anger, she had stopped covering herself. When Sansa noticed him staring, she covered herself again. "You pervert! Give me one reason why I shouldn't tell father."

"Please don't," Bran whimpered, "I'm sorry, it's just that your so beautiful and I didn't mean to bother you. I won't do it again, just please don't tell father.

Sansa looked at her brother, and felt a bit sorry for him. She was also a bit turned on, and looked at her brother in a whole new light.

How does she react?

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