She ignores the sound

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Shrugging, she brought her attention back to her pussy. Moaning, she used her thumb to rub her clit. This increased her pleasure tenfold, and again she was lost in pleasure.

Relieved he wasn't found out, Bran resumed jerking off. He was so close to his climax, as was his sister. She raised her hips out of the water, trying to get deeper in her own pussy. This at last revealed her pussy to the young boy. He marveled at how her fingers penetrated her snatch over and over again. It turned him on like nothing he'd ever seen. It was to much, and he came, squirting all over the bush. Bran unleashed a torrent of semen, painting the leaves white. Around the same time, Sansa orgasmed, screaming into the godswood. Bran sees some liquid squirt out of her pussy and splash into the spring water. Exhausted, she lies back in the water, falling asleep in her blissful state.

Pulling up his pants, the little pervert prepared to leave. However, a naughty thought entered his head.

What does he do?

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