Series 4 - Family Role Play

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Condition Tired Apparel and Items: Black Cheeky Panties and Short T-Shirt
Day, Time Some Day, Early Morning
Need to Bathroom Morning Need
Level of Humiliation None

Katie awoke to the sound of banging on her door.

"Wake up honey! We are having a family meeting downstairs in a few minutes!" Katie's mom told her through the door.

"Okay! I need to take a shower first though, I am still a little dirty from last night!" Katie replied in reference to the yard work they did yesterday which left her tired enough that she hadn't even showered.

"Right away missy! That means you get out right now!" her mother reiterated.

Katie groaned and pulled herself out of bed, sliding out from the comfortable covers to the cool air. Her legs lazily carried her to the door, leaving she headed downstairs where she heard quiet talking. Once at the bottom of the stairs she followed the sounds of people to the living room. She immediately sought to cover her sexy panties as she saw her father, older brother Kevin, older sister Emily, and mother standing around the table and looking at her. Only something was off about them. Her father and mother were dressed... strangely, old fashioned, like they looked in their pictures. Her brother was wearing his old baseball cap he always wore when she was just a child and her sister was wearing her old schoolgirl uniform from the private elementary school she had attended with money from their aunt Jill. Pulling down as much as she could on the small t-shirt, she tried to look modest in her light pajamas.

"What's going on?" Katie asked, looking at her family in confusion.

"We are going to get closer as a family!" her mother enthusiastically replied.

"It was your mother's idea!" her father cut in with a grin as he unashamedly looked at her mother's cleavage "We are going to be role playing ourselves from fifteen years ago!"

Katie's mind didn't really register the statement that it was so stupid.

"That means that I am only 9." Kevin said with a grin.

"And I am 6!" Emily said with a mocking lisp.

"Wait... but then..." Katie looked at her family in turn with a sudden realization.

"That means you are only 2!" Her mother squealed with joy. "Just think to be able to have a baby in the family again!"

Katie gulped as she began to see where this was going.

"Babies don't wear clothes like that!" Emily exclaimed in a childish accent.

Katie stumbled back.

Katie Runs Out of House in Just Her Panties and Shirt

Katie is Caught and Forced to Wear 2-Year-Old Clothing (Or what her family considers to be 2-Year-Old Clothing)

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