Series 2 - Camping Trip

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Condition Sleepy Apparel and Items: Large shirt, panties
Day, Time Early morning
Need to Bathroom A little
Level of Humiliation None

Katie was luxuriating in her bed, enjoying a blissful slumber. Her brother and sister had come home the previous day, and she was looking forward to catching up with them and having some fun. She figured they'd start late, get lunch, then go out to a movie or go shopping. Of course, Katie's family had other thoughts...

"Wake up! Rise and shine, everyone!" Katie's father yelled.

Katie's eyes slowly blinked open. She groaned as she still felt groggy. She glanced over at the clock on her nightstand, which read 6:30am.

Katie groaned again, not liking to wake up so early without any warning. She sat up to try and shake the sleep from her head, but her eyes closed, and she drifted away.

"Katie, come on! we're leaving!" her mother said from behind the closed bedroom door.

"Going...? Where?" Katie sleepily asked.

"We're going camping! We're going to reconnect with nature! Come on, Katie. We're getting packed up and ready to go. You can sleep in the car!" her dad called to her.

Katie's brother Kevin and sister Emily were already up and ready to go. They quickly packed for a week long trip, and were putting everyone's stuff (save for Katie's) into the car.

"For heaven's sake, at least get dressed!" her mom said as she barged into the room.

She pulled the shirt off Katie, who was too tired to fight back. She still managed to cover her breasts without opening her eyes, having had so much practice over the years, she was able to cover her nakedness in her sleep! Her mother hoped the nudity would wake her up, but it didn't seem to have any effect. She sighed and continued her plan.

"Katie, if you don't wake up, I'm going to take Aunt Jill's suitcase she always has packed for your trips with her instead of letting you pack yourself." her mother threatened.

Katie's eyes opened at that, and stood up from her bed. Her mother wasted no time and pulled her panties to her ankles and made her step out of them.

"There, now you can get dressed in clean clothes, and pack everything you need for a week. I'm giving you fifteen minutes!" the woman said before leaving the room.

Katie was dazed, but she knew she had to act quickly. She began to search her drawers and closet for suitable clothes for the next seven days. she found enough outer wear (shirts, shorts, jackets, pants, etc), but she knew she didn't have any bras. Because of Samantha, she didn't own anymore bras. Also because of the manipulative girl, she no longer had any modest panties. The only pair that covered her completely was just taken away from her. The rest were either bikini cut or were thongs. After she'd packed her other clothes, she didn't have much room for anything else, so she bit the bullet and packed her thongs. This, she placed on the floor near the bedroom door, precariously close to the suitcase Aunt Jill packed.

Katie was about to leave when she realized she was still not dressed! She ad mere moments before her mother would surely return! Of course, it was not a coincidence that the woman's footsteps were suddenly heard coming closer to her door. Katie thought quickly and ran to her bathroom. She shut the door and turned on the water before her mother walked in.

"Katie, time to go!" her mother called out.

"I'm almost ready, Mom. Just having a quick shower!" Katie called back.

"We can't wait much longer. I'll take your bag to the car." the woman said.

Katie didn't respond, not knowing that her mom was in danger of taking the wrong bag. Once her mother was gone, Katie turned the water off and went to her closet to find something to wear. She chose...

A sundress

A tube top and skirt

A t-shirt and daisy dukes

Her parents choose - They show up to make sure Katie's ready

Her brother and sister choose - They show up to make sure they embarrass Katie on the trip

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