Scarlet Lovers

From Create Your Own Story

It's 2010, and you are a dark haired girl who has just left home for the first time, going off to the infamous Scarlet City. A year or two ago vampires came out to the public and now live among humans. Here in Scarlet City they rule the town, filling night clubs, selling street blood, and other unholy things in the dark of night...

Right now, you have just turned 18 and have just got your own apartment in Scarlet City. Awesome right? Well the place is kind of a dump with stained walls and cockroaches. Looks like your going to have to move up in the world, and fast. But first it's time to enjoy yourself!

Do you:

Health 100 Gear:

81 Bucks, Ugly plaid top, Ugly khaki pants, Ugly sneakers

Species Human
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