Say your pants are too wet and strip for the mother

From Create Your Own Story

With the war now over, and the TV wiped down so you can watch it again, you and Jessica sit back down onto the couch to continue watching the TV but as you try to more into a more comfortable position, you make squelching sounds from the wet couch and your wet pants.

With your clothes drenched in Mountain Dew and covered in Doritos dust, you figure this is the perfect opportunity to get naked in front of Jessica.

"I can't stand being in these wet clothes," you announce out loud. As Jessica's face twists into a confused look, you get off the couch and start peeling of the pajamas you have on. Once you take off your pants however, you noticed the look of amazement on her face as she sees your penis. As you have built up this Oedipus complex in her, you have slowly worked to develop Brandon's body, giving it a much larger penis and testicles. You pretend not to notice, however, and just hop back onto the couch and rest your head on her breast. "That's better."

This creates a look of uncertainty on your mother's face. You can see that she is very unsure about what to do or how to proceed with this situation. Maybe she just needs a push in the right direction. But how to do that?

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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