Rape Tina

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Status: Naked & Horny

Ignoring Tina's protestations and driven by pure lust, you hold her even tighter with one arm, smothering her screams with another kiss while your other hand goes under her skirt. You rub your fingers against the smooth triangle of fabric covering her crotch before you slip your fingers into her panties and start fingering her roughly. Tina screams frantically, but you keep at it, filling her pussy with your fingers. She's struggling more frantically than ever, and eventually pries her mouth away from yours long enough to scream at the top of her lungs.

A pair of security guards burst into the room, their eyes widening for just a moment before they draw their guns on you. "Let her go, or you're dead!" one of them calls out.

You see the guns and release Tina, who sinks to the floor sobbing hysterically. As your frenzied lust fades away, you can't believe what you were just doing. You raise your arms and lower your head in shame, horrified by your own actions.

The cops approach and handcuff your wrists behind your back. "Normally we'd cover you up," one of the guards, a woman, snaps. "But after what you've done, you deserve to be shamed in front of everyone."

You're forced to endure endless catcalls, cheers, and screams as you're dragged naked in handcuffs through the mall before you're roughly shoved into the back of a police car.

Within an hour, you've been taken to police headquarters and processed. Still naked ("we just so happen to be out of uniforms," they told you), you're escorted to your cell. Apparently, all of the other female prisoners have been told about what you've done, and they're howling with frenzy at you, describing what they're going to do to you. You feel sick to your stomach at the thought of your impending fate and guilt over what you did to Tina.

At last, a cell door is open, and you're forced inside. You swallow nervously as you see you're in a large cell with over a dozen women. Tough, powerful looking women, any one of whom could probably break you in half without trying.

"I hear you like to rape girls," one of your cellmates says. She's six inches taller than you, and looks like she's made of solid muscle. "So do we. Especially bitches like you."

You whimper and back against the wall of your cell as the other prisoners advance on you. With nowhere to run, the prisoners grab you tightly, and you feel tongues, fingers, and entire hands stuffing themselves into your pussy. Another has somehow made herself a makeshift dildo and begins raping your ass with it.

You'd better get used to this sort of treatment, because you're in for a lot of it...for a long time to come.


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