Quickly gather the rest of the fish you need before heading home?

From Create Your Own Story

You will yourself, with all your might and willpower, to leave the ring where it is. This pond has been known for old enchantments so you decide to leave the, possibly cursed, trinket where it lay in the mud. If some other poor unfortunate soul found it then it would be their problem. For now, you are playing it safe.

Still, as you retrieved the last of the fish you couldn't help but think of the ring. It seemed to be calling to you. Begging you to come and take it from the cold water. Beckoning you to keep it for yourself. These thoughts haunted your brain like a shadow. It stayed in the back of your mind and played with your thoughts. Twisted them until all you could think about was that damn ring. It crept along there just waiting for your willpower to snap.

But, thankfully, your will help firm. Though you were tempted you never went back for the cursed ring. You gathered your fish before heading back to your mother's dwelling. You did notice how the forest seemed oddly quieter than it was when you walked down here. A low hush had passed over the trees and seemed to stop them from even growing. This haze gave the forest creatures such a fright that they all ran and hid. Even the former vibrant colors of nature seemed to fade and grow dull. And every step of the way was haunted by sinister thoughts of that ring. Perhaps it was best you left it alone.

As you crossed the threshold of your other's home you couldn't help but tell her of the ring. She seemed interested but still weary of such a trinket.

"It was quite beautiful mother. The ring was gold and it seemed to shine like the very sun. Yet, it had to be evil. I could feel it." You look at your mother earnestly. She returns the look with her own look of caution.

"Perhaps it was best that you left it there. Such things could be dangerous." She nodded. Agreeing with everything she had just said as if she couldn't have said it better. "I would, if I were you, go and tell the Elders. They may have something yet to say about this ring." At the mention of the elders your mother raised a shaky hand and pointed to the tower that stood in the very heart of your city. It was there that the Elders resided. The oldest and wisest of all the Elves. They would surely know what to do.

And here; your adventure ends.

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