Pokemon Sinnoh Journey

From Create Your Own Story

You are having a good sleep when suddently, an alarm wakes you up from your dreams. "Uhg...wait, It's my birthday!" You say, immediatly jumping out of your bed. You quickly change into your regular clothes: A pair of jeans, a brown shirt, and a jacket. Then you brush your teeth and head downstairs for breakfest. Your mother and father are waiting for you. "Hey son, are you excited?" asks your father. "Of course I am!" you say, scarfing down your pancakes your parents made for you. "Please, dear, do you know who to pick for your pokemon?" asks your mother. "I have no idea..." you say. She hands you a bag. You look inside. It contains money, a map, a cell phone, fresh new clothes, and a Poketch. "Wow, thanks!" I said, and I pick up the bag. "Make sure to call us!" said your father. "Your welcome here anytime!" said your mother. You thank them, then walk out the door with your bag. You are expected to go to Proffesor Rowan's lab, but you could go through Route 201.

Do you:

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