Pervert13/I have a better offer

From Create Your Own Story

You unzip your shorts and your sister stares as you pull out your 10-inch flaccid dick. You tell your sister if she's that much of a slut then what she needs is a big dick like yours to keep her under control.

Wide-eyed, your sister stares as your dick grows to its fully hard 14 inches. She whispers "It's so thick, I don't even think I could get my hand all the way around it."

You smile and say "Your boyfriend's little dick obviously wasn't enough for your pussy, so from now on you're gonna be fucking this one instead."

Your sister nods her head and wordlessly unbuttons her blouse to bare her her high firm teenage tits, then she undoes her skirt showing you her naked pussy. You tell your sister you really must be a slut if you need to keep this little pussy naked.

She lowers her eyes and blushes, then gasps as you touch her wet, horny pussy, your own horny dick throbbing even harder as you fondle her inviting pussy-flesh.

You tell her you want this little pussy to get even hornier for your big dick, so she should get on her knees and suck it. As if hypnotized, your sister gets on her knees and takes your huge dick in her hand. Just as she guessed, she is unable to get her fingers all the way around your shaft. She closes her eyes and takes your big dick in her mouth, moaning as she stretches her lips wide to fit your thick cock-head and shaft. She peels back your foreskin with your tongue and you groan as she sucks your huge, sensitive glans.

Your sister pulls your shorts all the way off as she sucks you, and you pull your shirt off, resting your hands on your naked ass and leaning back as you enjoy having your hot, horny sister's mouth worshipfully pleasuring your dick. Your sister's head bobs up and down between her legs and she hikes up her skirt to touch her pussy getting even hornier from servicing your big penis.

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