MMIAS - Sneak a Peek

From Create Your Own Story

This is too good to miss. You've fantasized about seeing your mom naked for a long time. The door is only open a bit and you can't see your mom directly, but you catch sight of her in the mirror.

She's already started taking her clothes off and you hope she doesn't turn toward the mirror as you watch. Her shirt is off, somewhere out of view as she removes her bra, leaving her plump, full breasts bare. She's exposed at such an angle that you can see just her left nipple from the side in the mirror. She takes off her skirt letting you see her panties for a moment, just before pulling them down as well and displaying her firm, pert ass.

She steps into the shower giving you just a moment's glance at...
her sizable cock!

As you take a minute to process the mirror fogs up cutting the show short.

How do you proceed...

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