MILF Quest

From Create Your Own Story

[Not strictly MILFs, but a lot of them]

This story takes place on the small Caribbean island named Seaburrow. Seaburrow is inhabited by mostly Americans who traveled over in the late 2010's when freak seismic activity in 2002 created the small island. After 10 years of study from various scientific corporations, the island was declared part of the Florida territory and put under it's jurisdiction. The state opted to place a governor and small body of representatives in charge of the island to turn it into a vacation location and community.

By 2014 the first waves of "settlers" had moved in, most from Florida, but the island has a knack for drawing people from all walks of life. True to it's originally purposes, the island quickly became a small community with suburbs, small cities, parks, roads, hospitals, and schools. And, on the other side of the coin, the island was also a place for vacationers from across the globe, known for sandy-white beaches, beautiful wilderness, sparkling water, and yes, even shopping. There was much to do on this small island.

Much to do, as you were soon to discover.

Before we continue, let's decide WHO you are...



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