Lost Galaxy

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Alternate Universe set in the realm of Anime/Hentai.

"In 2079 A.D., the last of the human males died on Earth thus creating a world only inhabited by females. These humans looked for ways of reproducing or recreating men. However, attempts met with frequent error. In 2105 A.D., the company known as 'Hexas' experimented a promising project on a human female to turn her into a man. However, the project was only partly succesful. The experiement had succesfully changed the base reproductive organ into that of a man's but reproduction capability was not succesful. A rival company, by the name of 'Chrono' was developing a pill that would generally change a female into a male over a certain amount of time. Unfortunitly, their attempts seemed completely fruitless. Upon hearing of Hexas' experiment, the President of Chrono called for a meeting, and eventual cooperation between the two rivals. The year after, after combining both projects into one, the joint experiment was a success. However, complete transformation into a man was never achieved.

In 2137 A.D., NASA, with the full cooperation of every space program on Earth, achieved space travel with adequeate starships. The starships were surprisingly sleek and agile in nature and were made out of titanium that was then painted silver or black. Humanity set to the stars, eventually companies came out with designs of new starships and in 2182 A.D., terraforming technology was achieved at the same time as the 'Space Expeditionary Force' or SEF and the 'Space Reconnaissance Force' or SRF were formed. The SEF were civilian ships that seeked out new planets to colonize as the Terraformers formed habital planets in their own galaxy. The SRF was a large military force that guarded SEF ships and seeked out new races of life.

In 2225 A.D., an SRF ship landed on a unhabited habitable planet that was named Econ by the crewmembers. After spending a few days on the planet, the crew began to act strange, becoming more aggresive at times and forgetting what they did when they were aggressive. The captain called all crew back to the ship and set off from the planet, a few of the crew collapsed immiediately when they entered space. Those crewmembers were unconscious for a day before waking up and feeling fine. After that, most of the aggresive crewmembers began to be completely calm when one of the others were around. These strange events influenced the captain to return to SRF HQ.

After the scientists examined the crewmembers, they found that there had been genes modified that made most of the crew half human. Most of the crew were shown to have more aggresive natures and stronger physique capabilities and could go into a feral state while the rest were shown to have abilities to calm the others down among other things. The scientists, after two months of studying, announced names for the two kinds of half humans. 'Berserkers' and 'Tamers'. The SRF, looking over the data on the two kinds, began to see and develop roles of service especially for the half humans. They began to issue a Berserker and Tamer together into a couple and sent them on SRF Advanced Recon ships to serve as elite soldiers and, with the Tamers newfounded healing capabilities, medics. Years later, more crew of various SRF ships came back with the same mutation.

Currently, it is the year 2257 A.D. The SRFAR ship, 'Sapphire', has been sent to invesigate a possibly habited planet away from the surrounding systems. On board this ship is the Berserker Rain with her Tamer Hikaru.

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