Lie Vickie on her back and fuck her deep and hard missionary style

From Create Your Own Story

You put Vickie on her back. She spreads her legs and smiles up at you.

You work your rod into her tight rear while she starts stroking her pole. "You feel so good in me," Vickie purrs.

"You feel awesome," you reply. You begin thrusting in and out. Vickie's body shivers with pleasure as you pump her.

"Harder," Vickie pants. You drill her as fast as you can move your hips, driving deep with every thrust. Vickie shudders and her hand becomes a blur on her cock.

Your own body tenses up. "I'm... gonna..."

"Go on," Vickie gasps. "Fill me." You do just that, painting her insides white as Vickie blows her load all over your chest and belly.

After you both clean up in the shower, you lie on the bed with Vickie, quietly holding each other as you regain your energy.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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