Kiss and suck Carla's breasts

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to be gentle with Carla. You want her to like you after today.

You slowly kiss your way from Carla's neck to her chest. You can feel her body relaxing as you caress her legs. When you wrap your lips around her nipple and softly suckle, she lets out an almost inaudible moan. Her arms slip around you, holding you in place.

"Thank you for going slowly," Carla whispers. "I never thought of myself as into girls, but..."

"You're terrific," you whisper, unlocking your mouth from her nipple. "I've wanted you for months." You kiss and suckle her other nipple, then move your lips down Carla's belly towards her box.

"Would you like... me to kiss your breasts, too?" Carla husks.

You are possessing:
Big Black Slutty Woman
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