Keep letting him fuck you until he cums inside of you

From Create Your Own Story

The lust between you and Brandon is unrelenting and it keeps piling up as he edges closer and closer to cumming. You can feel the friction making his cock warmer as he continues to pound you to oblivion. You try to look him in his beautiful eyes, but you’re so lost in your ecstasy that your vision is black, even peeking blacking out.

Neither of you can speak, all you can manage is lustful grunts and moans. You can feel his cock tensing, and your pussy’s tensing too. You both speed up and up, and just keep going, and going, until it’s too much and you both finally explode simultaneously. You can’t even moan, your pleasure’s too much.

Eventually both your orgasms subside and you’re left looking at each other, breathing heavy. Your womb is full with Brandon’s swirling seed, and your body is still shivering, even though the orgasm’s gone. You love this new feeling that washes over you, and as he pops his cock out, you don’t want it to end.

You are possessing:
8th Grade Emo Girl
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