Just share Sansa with his brothers

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On the one hand, he wanted her for himself, but on the other hand, the thought of her being overwhelmed by three guys at once was just so incredibly arousing to Robb.

"Arya, it's late. Why don't you go to bed," Robb told his sister, a slight slur in his voice. Arya pouted a bit, but understood her brothers look. She would of preferred to be a part of the fun, but nodded and left.

They were all drunk, so when Robb opened his pants and carefully guided his sister's head onto his throbbing manhood, the others fell silent, but didn't seem all that shocked. Sansa quickly decided to kneel under the table to suck Robb while he was still sitting on his chair. She didn't know exactly what to do, but under her brother's guidance quickly learned. Robb forgot all about Jon and Theon and just sat there, his eyes closed, enjoying Sansa's wet mouth around his manhood. She drenched him in saliva and got him further and further down her throat, until she managed to take his cock in completely. Way too soon, Robb came. Sansa swallowed his load and even proceeded to lick his shaft clean.

Spent and satisfied, Robb smiled down at her pretty face. "Good work, Sansa. Now I think the others need some relief too."

She didn't hesitate. Without even getting up, she crawled under the table to Jon, who was already freeing his member. Before Robb could say "Enjoy", his bastard brother's manhood vanished in Sansa's eager mouth and she began bobbing up and down on his lap. Theon was stroking his own cock in anticipation, and soon after, Jon blew his load into the redhead as well and it was the Ironborn's turn. Sansa lost no time and got to work a third time, getting more confident and skillful with every second.

By the time she finished off Theon and received the third load of the evening down her throat, Robb was already hard again. And he knew exactly what he wanted. "Let's give our sweet Sansa a little loving, shall we?", he announced while getting rid of his clothes. "She has one hole for each of us!"

Which hole does Robb claim?

Robb claims her mouth

Robb claims her cunt

Robb claims her ass


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