Hear a knock on your door

From Create Your Own Story

As you turn away from the answering machine you hear a knock at the door. You look down at yourself and then at the bathroom thinking about washing what you'd done with your brother off but decide a shower can wait.

You open the door a crack and peek out to see Larry, your apartment buildings' security guard. He's tall with salt and pepper hair and blue eyes, in his early fifties; his mustache reminds you of a caterpillar and his beer gut is hardly hidden by the crisp white shirt of his uniform.

"Hi Larry," You say opening the door a little more.

"Hey, I was just making my rounds and thought I might mention there has been a few incidents at some of the other buildings".

You cock your head a little trying to think how or if you might've been the cause and say "What kind of incidents?"

"Oh, it started out with loitering but the police are now looking for a teenager who's been assaulting young women."

"Oh my God, thank you for letting me know, thats horrible," you say.

Dandruff falls from his hair as he scratches his head and says "If you'd like I can walk you to your car and stuff like that. I'm offering this to any tenant who feels in danger" he adds.

You smile at him thinking he would't be much help against an attacker then say "Well that is sweet, I might do that later tonight".

"Oh okay, I'm here till midnight, but remember most attacks can be prevented by common sense and staying alert," he says.

You nod and both say goodbye. A minute or two after you closed the door you hear a knock again. Heeding his words you use the peephole this time, and see that it's Larry again. "Back so soon?" you say.

He smiles and says "Yeah, sorry to impose, I was wondering if I could come in and sit for a spell, my feet are killing me".

Maybe this is a test, but then again he is on his feet alot. Shrugging you say "Sure, why not?"

"Thanks so much" he says as you let him inside, and point to the living room. He plops down on your sofa, has a look at the art on the walls. Clearly feeling uncomfortable with the silence he clears his throat and says:

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