Grit your teeth and prepare to be raped by the behemoth as he returns for a second helping

From Create Your Own Story

This time, the horse knows exactly what to do. Still, it seems to have plenty of trouble lining up its cock straight, and you start wishing you could be at two places at one time.

"Rancher!" you shout irritably. "This is taking forever. Get over here and grab that horse cock! I need you to guide it in properly!"

The rancher curses under his breath, muttering something like "That stupid horse certainly didn't have any problems the first time..." or somesuch. But he's too intimidated by your commanding voice to protest. He takes the wayward horse dong and wrestles with it to position it right. By chance, he's pointed it just in front of your ass when the Clydesdale decides to push forward.

You can't but yelp at the stinging pain as the horse cock pushes against your pecker. You try to scoot back, but true to his word, the rancher has you tied down good.

"Not my arse, dimwit! You were supposed to help the fucking horse to fucking fuck my pussy!" you scream, almost overwhelmed with sensations.

"What do you care, little slut? You want horse cock, you got horse cock. Besides, you're so tight he'll split you up no matter where he goes. In the end there's little difference."

The horse cock jumps forward a feet or so, ripping up the passage between pussy and ass, possibly to demonstrate the rancher's words.

"Aagh! Never mind then!"

You decide to:

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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