Go to the community swimming pool?

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Barely Clothed and Overheated

You could really go for a swim in the sweltering heat. You grab your keys, slip into a skimpy micro bikini, stuff a towel, some clothes, and a few other items into a bag, and head out. The community swimming pool is only a five minute walk away from your house, but the relentless sun is beating down on your skin. A few people glance at your barely covered body, some smiling in approval and others shaking their heads with discontent. By the time you reach the gate, you are already sweating like a pig.

The nice, cold water envelopes your body. Finally, some relief from the heat! The bikini is starting to get really tight, so you slip it off and put it in your bag. You don't worry about anyone seeing you, since only people with the key to the gate can enter the pool. As far as you know, only people with houses in the neighborhood have such keys, and the neighborhood is mostly populated by the elderly. A creepy old man couldn't possibly make the five minute walk to the pool. Not in this weather. Plus, everyone is going to the water park, not some small, bland community pool.

You swim laps for a few minutes. You climb out of the pool, dry yourself off, and lay down on a cot in the shade. Suddenly, you hear a high-pitched creaking. The gate swings open. In comes a tall, red-haired beauty with large, perky tits, long legs, and a nice ass wearing a bikini similar to yours. Before you can move, she spots you. "Hey!" she yells.

She walks over to your cot and chuckles, "I don't blame you for getting naked, especially in this heat. My name's Preslie, by the way. If you don't mind-"

Preslie puts her bag down on the cot next to yours. She suddenly takes off her bikini and pulls out of her bag a bottle of baby oil and a somewhat large vibrator. You notice that her pussy is shaved clean, and there is not a single tan line on her body.

Preslie says, "I was gonna play with these alone, but now that you're here, I can have some REAL fun. But first-"

She grabs a padlock and secures it through the gate. "There. Now nobody will see us. What do you want to do first?"

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