Go home and see Willie's mom

From Create Your Own Story

You say to yourself: "Fuck school!" and walk home.

You arrive home and find your mother ready for work as a decoy. She is wearing stripper heels, a little pink micro skirt and a matching halter top.

"Why are you home?" your mother asks.

"Please don't make me go to school, Mom. The other kids pick on me. Can't you homeschool me instead?"

Your mother stares at you for a moment. She was once a teenager and knows how kids treat a kid who looks like you. She used to be an ugly duckling tomboy. Your father was a bully who raped your mother to conceive you. That is the one and only time your mother ever had sex with a man. She is a lesbian.

Your mom gives you a smile and a hug. "Yes, I will homeschool you," she says, with a tear in her eyes remembering how mean kids can be.

Do you:

You are possessing:
8th Grade Nerdy Ginger Boy
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