Fuck the soldier again

From Create Your Own Story

"Want to go another round?" Mark suggests casually.

You nod, still breathless from you last encounter.

After taking a moment to compose yourself, you snake you hand down to stroke his cock. It quickly goes firm again, making Mark moan in pleasure.

"No one's able to get me up like you," he pants.

"Guess I'm just good at what I do then solider," you groan as Mark's fingers work their way into your still soaking hole.

He holds your hips firmly and sits in the lone chair, his dick pointing outwards.

With a smirk and a wink, you get on your knees and take his member into your mouth. "Fuuuckkk!" He moans, straining back in the chair. You slowly inch your way downwards, nearly gagging on his 7 inches. You reach out to cup his balls as you bob up and down, looking up at him through you lashes. Mark groans loudly, and you pull away, not wanting to spoil the event.

Straddling his lap, Mark teasingly rubs the head of his cock up and down your slit.

You readjust yourself, which allows you to sink down on his big dick.

Both moaning, you rise up before slamming your self down on Mark, making the both of you gasp in pleasure.

He reaches up and firmly pinches your nips. He then dips his head and suckles on them as you increase your pace, slamming up and down.

Mark's breathing quickens. "I'm gunna cum," he groans in your ear.

You reach down and gently fondle his balls. Throwing his head back, Mark grips your hips and slams you down, emptying himself inside you.

You slip off his softening cock, allowing Mark to stand.

"Thanks again," he mumbles, giving your clit a quick pinch.

"No problem," you groan.


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