Female Young Death

From Create Your Own Story

Luke, your boyfriend, slowly opens his eyes, then falls out of your bed screaming his head off.

Less than thirty seconds later, your dad rushes in, gun in hand. Luke has crawled into a corner and entered the fetal position, still naked. Your dad takes one quick look at your body on the bed and runs out of the room. That's not too surprising seeing as your sheets are stained with all your blood, and your head practically cut off.

Your entire family comes into the room after some time, including your death obsessed younger sister, who is ironically the first to puke. Your older brother, a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corp, covers your 5-year-old brother's eyes.

A police siren whoops a moment later outside the house. You move towards the door and notice a robed man in the hallway.

You are: a female ghost
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