Doze off holding Carla in your arms

From Create Your Own Story

You cuddle Carla against you and let your eyes close. As you fade out, her even breathing indicates that she's also asleep.

You come awake still holding the pretty waitress. You disengage, perform a needed function, and return to the bed. Carla does the same, and joins you back in the bed.

"How is it that you seduced me so easily?" she asks.

"I've liked you for a very long time," you tell her. "It wasn't so much seducing you as it was letting you know that you're terrific."

Carla giggles. "You're sweet."

You kiss her. "So are you. I'm ready for round two."

Carla smiles. "Go for it."

You are possessing:
Big Black Slutty Woman
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