Decide to skip the clothes and walk around naked at home, shocking your mom

From Create Your Own Story

Burning with enthusiasm over your unholy quest you jump out of bed and get in front of a body sized mirror that you keep next to your closet. You decided early in life to always sleep in the nude, it’s a liberating and erotic feeling to wake up completely bare. Being a Satanist you consider the flesh to be of uttermost importance, a person’s inside really doesn’t matter as long as the flesh is beautiful, and you have a body that women would kill for. You are tall and curvy, a perfection of the hourglass figure. Your hair is golden blond and runs straight down halfway down your back. Furthermore every string of hair is perfectly healthy and feels like silk when touched. From time to time a few strands of it will get in your face, especially when its windy, and you always look seductive brushing them off.

Going along flawlessly with your hair is your well defined face. Your face is that of a supermodels, high cheekbones, pouty lips, and a small feminine jaw. Your eyes are of the most crystal clear blue and the large pupils capable of conveying all kinds of expressions. They are stunning to behold, the clear, but dreamy young gaze captures the attention of both men and women alike. Despite their wonderful exterior onlookers will begin to subconsciously notice the reptilian coldness and menace lying deep within your blue eyes if they look to long, a hint of your true nature.

As your gaze lowers to inspect your body a smile forms on your lips. You have a dancer’s stomach and wide attractive hips that swing in alluring ways when you walk. Your heart shaped, firm ass is seductive and pronounced, able to make a lot of heads turn as you walk by. Your legs are both athletic and slender, feminine in appearance while still being able to perform a perfect split. The same seductive and well toned qualities can be found in your arms, your fingers especially having the elegant appearance of a pianist. But your most prized possessions are your two magnificent breasts. The two perfectly shaped round mounds of flesh are of a glorious double D size and even more astonishingly stands pridefully upwards without any signs of sagging. Also at the end of your two amazing breasts are your cute, pink nipples that become wonderfully stiff and sensitive when aroused.

In short you have a body that women would pay untold riches for but that’s not all. You are an expert face reader, able to notice even the most subtle emotions on a person’s face, emotions they themselves might not even be aware of. This makes you an excellent judge of character and perfect to find the sacrificial slaves for your cult’s ceremony.

You tear your gaze away from the mirror. The time for vanity is over, the time to start your Satanic mission begins.

Unlike the Christians who shun the body and see it as something sinful, a Satanist like yourself embraces the natural beauty that is the human flesh. Why should an idiot like your mom stop you from showing off your natural beauty? Besides, who wouldn't want to look at an 18-year-old blonde woman with DD-sized breasts?

Grabbing your purse you walk out of your room and then down the stairs but you are interrupted by your mother who sees you naked as the day you were born. She looks a lot like you. Your naturally large breasts and slim waist line are all inherited from her, too bad she never figured out how to use them for her advantage.

“Dear God! Sharon, have you lost your mind? Walk straight back to your room and put some clothes on this instant!”

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