Daddy's College Adventures

From Create Your Own Story

Your daughter has gone off to college. She has just turned 18, and, in her haste to go have her new adventure, she left behind a few things that you thought were important enough to bring to her. You get to her dorm, and knock on the door. Her roommate answers.
"Is Christy here?" you ask. "I'm her father and I've brought her some things."
Checking out her roommate, you estimate she's about 5'6" tall. She has dark brown eyes and wavy blonde hair that reaches to the middle of her back. Her rack is not too big, but they're a decent size.
"I think you suffer from empty nest syndrome," her roommate says. "She's on the couch, but I don't think she wants Daddy to disturb her. I'm Michelle, by the way."
Extending your hand, you say, "I'm Steve. Nice to meet you --"
You are interrupted by excited squeals from your daughter. "Daddy!!! I knew you'd bring my things!" Smiling widely, she runs up and hugs you, pushing Michelle out the way to get to you. Kissing you on both cheeks, she presses her chest up against you.
"I see you've met my roommate. Isn't she a fox?" she gushes. You nod and say, "But you will always be the prettiest girl to your Daddy, no matter what." You feel a stirring as you look at your daughter's attire. She has on Daisy dukes and a tank top that barely covers her 34 B's. You haven't had a woman since her mother left two years ago, and seeing your daughter's light green eyes and long brown hair let down to her ass, and the way she greeted you makes you feel things you haven't felt in a long time.
"As long as you're here, Daddy, would you like to go to dinner with us tonight?" Christy asks, gesturing toward Michelle. "She has a date and wants me to go along to keep her safe."

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