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You wake up to the feeling of cold steel touching your skin, which is now most exposed. Sitting up, you see that your Vault Suit is in the corner of the room, and has been exchanged for a skimpy raider outfit that includes a small leather underwear type thing, and a strap across the chest and over the shoulder. It has been modified, painted blue and yellow. A raider walks into the room, but instead of wearing rough armor, this man is wearing a nice suit.

"Hello. Sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused you, or that we may be about to cause, but you, my friend, are my newest slave. Welcome, to Vault 110. If you are wondering, we are out in the north west corner of the Commonwealth. This area is not very traversed, unless you know where you're going, like here, for instance. We are the biggest brothel system in the Commonwealth. Most of our females are willing, but some are slaves. You were a special case, as more and more women have been wanting service, and, well, there just aren't enough of us. Your job is simple. We either will tell you to go and please a client or we may tell you to go and fuck a slave if you're unneeded, of course, you'll be in front of a crowd, performing. We do allow our slaves some freedom, because a sad lover isn't fun. You will be permitted a choice of three people when we ask you to fuck, so it's not all bad.

Now, as a breaking in, we are gonna let you choose what you want to do first. If you choose a client, you must do what they want, but a slave is whichever one of you takes control. So, what first?

Get a Client

Get a Slave

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