Choose Your Own Papal Adventure

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Hey. I am not adding this to the front page unless it becomes an interesting story, so if you're here it means you're curious and creative enough to be checking the recent edits for the forum. I can't lock the pages, but I am trying to write a particular set of stories - please don't edit the content of existing pages.

On the other hand, please feel encouraged to share your ideas for different directions the stories could take by adding your own new options and new pages to the ones already here.



You are standing in an open field next to a large church, with a crowd of people around it. There is a small mailbox here.

   * If you want to go towards the church, turn to page 49.
   * If you want to look inside the mailbox, turn to page 111.
   * If you want to go back home to Germany, turn to page 134.
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