Beg for Headmistress Palmer to spare your severe flogging

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"Please, I'm sorry" you cry.

"Its too late for that" said Headmistress Palmer.

Mary brings the whip down on your already whipped back. You scream in pain.

"Please stop!" you cry.


You shriek.

"Please no more" you beg.


"I'll be a good girl!" you promise.


Tears roll down your face as Mary whips your back without mercy.


"Please, headmistress, I can't take anymore"

"You can always take it" Palmer tells you.

Mary keeps whipping you.







After forty lashes, she stops.

"I hope you've learned your lesson" Palmer tells you.

"Yes, headmistress" you tell her.

The other two girls let go of you.


You are given a uniform and taken to your dorm room where you are introduced to two other girls, Ashley and Jessica, both your age. Ashley notices the back of your shirt has been torn open and all the whip marks you've just been given.

"I see you must have been one of the non-cooperative ones" she says.

"So any girl who refuses to sign gets whipped?" you ask.

"More than the ones who do" says Ashley, "you've have still been whipped five lashes, assuming you didn't refuse to take your clothes off. But you like you're been whipped pretty fierce"

You tell the girls about how you got whipped for masturbating to another girl's punishment and then were whipped for refusing to sign the enrolment form.

Ashley tells you about her own enrolment. She didn't try to get out of enrolling like you did. But when told to strip naked, she refused and was given twenty lashes.

Jessica signed her form and had no problem stripping naked so she only got five lashes.

You decide to go to bed.

"Are there are PJs?" you ask.

"No, we're expected to just sleep naked" Jessica tells you, "you could try the uniform but teachers expect it to be neat"

Jessica and Ashley both take their clothes off before getting into bed.

"You should try being naked" says Jessica, "you'll be spending a lot of time naked so you might as well get used to it"

You decide to take their advice. Once naked, you realise there are only two beds.

"Where's the third bed?" you ask.

"They only allow two one each dorm room" Ashley tells you, "two of us are going to have to share a bed"

"You know" says Jessica, "we're allowed to have lesbian sex here"

You're surprised.

"We're not allowed to have sex with boys" Ashley tells you, "we might get pregnant. But you can't get pregnant from another girl"

"I'm too tired" you tell them.

"Well, can we share a bed?" Jessica asks.

"I'm happy to have you sleep with me too" says Ashley, "or if you're uncomfortable, I can move into Jessica's bed and you have mine"

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