Barge Story

From Create Your Own Story

The sky is gray as you walk the streets of your hometown, and a chill clings to you despite your coat. You come to the usual intersection, you take the usual left, but something seems wrong. The city feels emptier than normal, a silence hangs over the place like a graveyard. As you turn right around the corner of a closed brick shop you're suddenly punched in the stomach. You lean over in pain gasping for breath and promptly have your feet kicked from under you. Your head hits the pavement and the world goes dark.

You wake up with a bag on your head, and you feel yourself being carried, and you noticed your hands and feet are now restrained. Before you can begin to struggle you experience the sensation of being chucked into the back of a car, at least the seat was cushioned. You lie on the seat for what feels like hours until once again you are carried. This time however you are sat down gently, and the bag is removed from your head.

You see a bald black man with a pimp cane and a gaudy suit staring at you from across what appears to be some sort of throne room. He opens his mouth with a hint of a smile and says "Boy, I gotta offer you can't refuse.", immediately chuckling as if he was the most original man in the universe. He grabs a briefcase that is on the seat beside him and puts it on his lap, opening it so you can see it is completely filled with one hundred dollar bills.

"Boy, you can get all this, but you gotta do one of two thangs."

He snaps his fingers and a servant brings out a large box. The box is opened and you see it is filled to the brim with school girl slice of life anime DVDs. "Either you watch all these DVD's, or..." he snaps his fingers again, and a new servant comes out with what appears to be an orange carpet. When the carpet is unfolded however you see it is an orange fox fursuit, " wear this thang for three months in public."

As you sit their, mouth agape he stares at you intently, and asks "Which one fool?"

This is clearly dangerous, you think to yourself. You definitely would risk your life refusing to play the game, but you have no idea what it is about, either. Perhaps if you ask him, you can probably find a way out of this mess.

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