Award Night

From Create Your Own Story

Tonight, the London North Greenwich Arena was alive.

Floodlights cast high into the sky to signal those around to the proceedings. Flash bulbs cracked and popped in all directions, chatter and laughter sweeping through the air.

The Red Carpet rolls into view as your Limousine approaches the Celebrity entrance.

A shadowy figure approaches the tinted windows. Memories of all the hours spent getting out of your car on the driveway, waving to the invisible crowd, greeting the imaginary news reporters, they all come flooding back. You cannot mess this up, you are one of the elite now. Every single movement you make, every word that you speak, will be reported and praised and hated and analysed.

"Deep breaths. These people are here for you. These people want you to be here." The doubt of the impostor begins to set in.

The door is opened and you are unleashed upon the crowd. The sudden change in atmosphere is almost choking. Everyone is looking at you. The reporters come rushing, everyone wants to take a picture of you, or with you. You feel alive.

You wave to the crowd and pose for a few shots, but before you can compose yourself you hear a familiar voice.

"'We're STILL reporting live from the 23rd Annual GoldScript Awards!"

You turn to see Janet Evakloese from UKTV News. Svelte, clad in a tight dress that shows off her curves in a not so subtle way. "And who has just arrived!? Why it's none other than...

.....the super talented, stunningly beautiful Best Actress nominee, Mollie Olivia

.....the handsome heart-throb, world renowned Best Actor nominee, Frasier Hayefield

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