Arya sneaks up behind Bran

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Bran's other sister, Arya, slowly removed her hand from Bran's mouth.

"What are you doing here!" Bran whispered, angry she was interrupting him and embarrassed he'd been caught.

"Well, you ran by in such a rush I wanted to see where you were going," she replied, leaning closer to Bran, "Now I learn that you have a crush on Sansa."

"Do not," Bran lied, blushing.

"What would father think if this got out," Arya teased, "What would Sansa think if she knew you were here. Maybe I should call her over..."

"What do you want," Bran snapped, still whispering. He glanced over at Sansa, who was still relaxing, oblivious to their conversation.

"Calm down, I'm just messing with you." She then grabbed his cock. "I always wondered what one of these looked like."

"Arya," Bran protested.

"So, what, do you like stroke it and think about Sansa," she asked, ignoring his protest. She tried stroking it, but her grip was to strong and it hurt. Bran pushed her off, blushing even more. "Well, how do you do it then? Show me!"

Bran groaned but, realizing she wasn't going away, began to stroke his dick. She looked on curiously as he brought his hand up and down. Trying to ignore her, he focused his attention back on Sansa. Her nipples had hardened in the cold air, much to Bran's enjoyment. She was like a goddess, and he longed to be inside her. He imagined himself fucking her, Sansa staring back at him with the same lust and desire he felt for her. Her perfect breasts would shake with every thrust. He would lean down and kiss her, their tongues exploring eachother's mouths.

He was broken out of his fantasy when he heard a moan. Turning his head, he saw Arya had stuffed her hand down her pants. He stared in wonder as Arya writhed in pleasure.

Opening her eyes, she noticed him staring and scoffed. "What, I can't get off, too," she snapped, her hand still moving in her pants.

"Well, my pants are down and yours aren't," Bran shot back, "It's not fair." Bran meant it as an insult, but really, he just wanted to see Arya's body. Not wanting to be shown up, Arya quietly tugged her pants down. She wasn't wearing smallclothes, and her pale butt came into view. Spreading her legs, she showed Bran her bald pussy. "There," she said, "Happy now."

Bran nodded, turned on by the sight of his sister's pussy. Her hand was rubbing her pussy, and he could see she was soaking wet. Arya noticed his staring and tried to see how far she could push him.

"So, who's hotter? Me or Sansa," Arya asked, her competitive side showing. Bran was at a lost for words. He looked between the two Starks, comparing their features. While he liked Arya's fowardness, he still put Sansa above everyone else.

"I-I-I-uhm," Bran stammered, trying to figure out the best way to say he preferred Sansa. Arya read his face and glared at him.

"What, I'm not pretty enough for you," Arya growled. Bran stammered again, trying to find words but not coming up with anything.

What does Arya do?

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