An Embarrassing Adventure/tree house-wait

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There is no use causing trouble, you decide. They are as naked as I am, so meeting them might not be as awkward as other people... or it might be moreso. In any case, you climb up a ladder you could not see from your original angle and look into an empty tree house. On the way back down, you hear singing in the woods, and climb down quickly to greet your would-be benefactors.

Out of the woods come a trio of teenagers: one male and two female. Of the females, one is shorter and thinner, and the other is taller and average-looking. Only the short girl seems reasonably comfortable dancing around naked in the woods, but the other two are at least tolerating it.

You call out to them and wave, and immediately the three freeze. Surely, this is not what they expected to find at their clearing. The taller girl hides behind the boy, who hides his boyhood behind his hand. The shorter girl waves back and smiles hesitantly. "Hi, uh, random lady. Are you lost or something?"

After explaining your situation, the taller girl seems more at ease, but the shorter girl only smiles with a devilish smirk. "That's too bad... I don't think any of our clothes would fit you, and her dad," gesturing to the tall girl, "won't be pleased if we bring a naked woman in from the woods."

"My-..." the boy speaks up, though the site of a naked adult woman has made him even more subdued than he usually might be. Although with the two women you feel like you are on equal ground, you can particularly feel his gaze all over your body. This time, he makes a complete sentence: "My shirt would fit her."

The girl looks at his shirt with her hand at her jaw, melodramatically pretending to consider something. "Okay, you can have his shirt and we'll show you the way out of these woods... if you win a friendly wager."

Just a friendly wager, right?


An uncomfortable scene, but mostly from the teenage boy.



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