An Akatsuki Party

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Akane and you've been a part of the Akatsuki for around 3 months now. You have short brown hair and dazzling green eyes. You stand around 5'5". Though you haven't had much time to get to know the other members, you're on good terms with everyone and remember all their names.

One day, after coming back from a solo mission, you find everyone hanging out in the living room. "What's up?" you ask, eyeing them curiously. It's rare to see even four members in the hideout at once, much less everyone. "Good. Everyone's here. Akane, please take a seat." Pein booms, not bothering to look at you. You nod and scan the room for an empty seat, the only one being next to Tobi on the floor. You quickly plop down next to the goofball and give him a wave. In return he hugs you and cries out "Akane-chan!". You flush a bright red as all heads turn towards you two. "A-hem. Now, as I was saying." Leader pauses to make sure everyone is listening. "Since there hasn't been a lot of missions lately many of you have been getting...bored. And then you complain to me." he glanced at Konan before continuing. "So, it's been decided that tonight we will have...a party." You gave Pein a confused glance. After all, this IS the Akatsuki and not some sleepover. "Leader-sama?" you ask in an almost worried tone. "Please, don't ask. My word is final. Now what game would you like to play first?" he sighs. "I Never!" Hidan screams excitedly. "No, no! Truth or Dare, un!" Deidara counters. "Strip poker." Kakuzu demands. "7 Minutes In Heaven." Kisame smirked, winking at you. All the men turned to look at him. "Seriously? There are only two girls, un!" Deidara snaps. "More like three..." the blue man retorts. "What was that?!" This starts a long argument that almost everyone gets involved in. Your head is spinning from all the colorful language and shouting. "STOP!" Everyone turned to the source of the outburst, which was surprisingly Tobi. "Let's have Akane-chan decide!" he chirped happily. The other members glanced at you and then shrugged. "What ever..." Hidan mumbled. "So, what should we play first?" the masked man asked, turning to face you. "Uh..."

Do you:

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