Alexandras Summer Vacation

From Create Your Own Story


This is the story of Alexandra, or Alex, a student who lives with her mother. Alexandra is you!

Alexandra's father has long left ... which - is so to speak - ambivalent. Her father was a strict and dominant person who treated her and her mother very harshly, on the other hand he left both of them on their own, and Alexandras mother had no job. She started drinking and after three years everything has become completely messed up. Summer vacations at university have only just begun. Alexandra decides to quitely leave for the time being and travel around. She's got her backpack packed with few clothes and a sleeping back, a few dollars in her pocket.

Well, guys. You might wonder whether you should go on reading or not. Depends on you and your power of imagination.

If you can imagine yourself to be a pretty young lady of 22 years with hardly any sexual experience and a strong submissive nature that still needs to be explored ... well, then you might be right here.

Time will tell.

So what's up? If you are either female or a male with a strong imagination, then go on reading.

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