A car slows down, a door opens, and someone shouts, "Get in!"

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and In A Strange Car

You jump into the car, pulling the door closed behind you as the car accelerates away. You buckle your seat belt and look to see who your rescuers are.

You're in the car's back seat. A red-haired, toned, well-muscled man who looks to be about in his late 20's is the driver. A brunette woman with a body type similar to yours is the passenger. She appears to be about your age.

"Thanks," you say. You introduce yourself.

"Any time," the man replies. "I'm Terrance, and this is my wife, Melissa."

"Why were you naked in a mall parking lot?" Melissa asks. There is a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Because it's too hot to wear clothes today," you giggle. You tell them your story.

"I agree," Terrance says. "As soon as we get home, we're going into my air-conditioned house and stripping down. I think a nap would do us all good."

His house proves to be just a few blocks away. He parks the car in the garage and everyone heads inside. True to his words, Terrance and Melissa both strip as quickly as possible. You join them in a cool shower, dry off, and head for the bed. You end up in the middle, and everyone drops into a doze.

You stir slowly to wakefulness. Terrance and Melissa are already awake. "You slept for about an hour," she tells you. Then she slides downwards slightly and begins softly suckling your breast. Her husband does the same on your other side. Having both your breasts suckled simultaneously feels good.

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