"You sure you guys don't want to stick around for a bit?"

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The two men grin. The dark haired man says, "Whatever gets me that sweet ass, fuck." They converge on your shower, and the dark haired man grabs your shoulders and shoves you down onto your knees, hard. You wince a little at the rough treatment, but don't have much time to think about it before their two cocks are pressed at your face. The water washes off the suds, and you take the blond into your mouth - he has a wicked curve to it - and suck him, taking the other man's cock in your hand and stroking him.

"Hey," the dark haired man says, and slaps the side of your face hard enough to sting. "Suck my fucking cock, boy."

You pop the blond's dick out of your mouth and switch to the dark haired man's, which is thicker, straighter, but not as big.

A moment later, the blond yanks on your hair. "Fuck, boy, my dick needs attention, too."

You alternate between the two of them, desperate to satisfy them both enough, and knowing they're getting off on yanking you back and forth between them. You barely get to spend ten seconds on either cock before they're yanking, slapping or demanding you change to the other dick. You're soon breathing heavy, gagging as they ram their cocks in and out of your face, until finally, the blond sighs.

"Fuck this noise," he says, and yanks on your hair hard, until you rise wincing. He pushes you against the tiled wall, and presses against you, his cock hard against your ass cheeks. "Open up," he snaps. You spread your legs.

He rams his curved dick into your hole, and you gasp against the tiles. He braces his forearm against your shoulders, and starts fucking you with no concern to your comfort, his curved cock hitting the walls of your ass like a battering ram, with only the water for lube. He fucks you for several mean thrusts, and then the dark haired man says, "Give me a turn, fuck."

The blond yanks his cock out, and you sag a little against the wall for just a second before the dark haired man rams his cock up your ass, holding the back of your neck and making you brace yourself against the wall to stay upright. He's a meaner fucker, yanking his cock all the way out with every thrust, then ramming it back balls deep. You gag against the wall, your ass on fire at their assault, but your cock never softens. You can't help it - you're enjoying being used like this.

"My turn," the blond says, and the dark haired man steps away. The blond fucks you again. Then the dark haired man. Then the blond again. They trade after ten or fifteen angry thrusts each time, and soon you hear yourself begging.

"Please," you gasp, as the blond man rams it home. He laughs.

"I think he's ready for it," the blond grunts, pushing deep into your ass and blowing his wad. Immediately after, he yanks himself out, and the dark haired man slams his dick up your chute, adding his own seed to your ass after three angry thrusts.

The two men push away from you, stepping back into their showers while you lean against the tile, breathing heavily.

"Thanks, fucker," the blond says, turning off the tap and heading for his towel. The dark haired man doesn't say a word, following suit. They leave.

The water washes away their cum, but your hard on remains. You jerk yourself furiously, coming quickly - you've never had sex so nasty and cheap before, and you can't believe you liked it so much.

Suddenly, a voice sounds, startling all three of you. "The Midtown Spa is now closing," the voice declares. "Please gather return any keys and gather your personal belongings before you leave. Thank you for your patronage." You hadn't noticed a speaker before, but there's apparently one around here somewhere.

You turn off the water, ready to get dressed and head home. Definitely a birthday you're not soon to forget!

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