"Yes, sir! Take me, daddy!"

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You barely get the words out before the big older man tightens his grip on your hair and yanks your face against his dick, filling your mouth with his thick cock. You struggle a bit to gain your balance and his cock hits the back of your throat and stays there, the daddy holding you down on his cock. You gurgle and gag, your eyes filling with tears, and the old man pushes you all the harder onto his meat.

"Ten seconds boy," he growls. "That's all Daddy's giving you."

You're not sure what he means, but you grip the man's waist and try not to choke on his cock. Your mouth fills with saliva, and your tears run down your cheeks. You can barely breathe, but short puffs are making it through your nose, which is almost blocked by the man's thick stomach. You grunt, moving your tongue around beneath his shaft, as the older man starts to count down from ten, each word a deeper growl than the last.

You've never felt like this before - so submissive to the older man, and it's got your dick rock hard despite your barely being able to hold off on gagging.

"Three... Two... One."

The daddy finishes his count and yanks you away from his dick. You cough once, explosively, as his cock slaps upward from your lips. The man grabs you under your right shoulder and lifts and shoves you, flipping you over onto almost onto your stomach, and then grabs your waist, yanking you until you scramble awkwardly onto all fours on the cot.

"That ain't a lot of spit, boy," the daddy says, and you can hear the smirk in his voice. "Only yourself to blame."

You realize what he means with about a second to spare. The saliva on his cock is all the lube you're about to get. The stocky daddy lines up his dick at your pucker and shoves in with a brutal thrust that makes you cry out in pain. There's barely any spit on his dick, you think, as your vision goes gray around the edges and you bite your lip. Your arms and legs tremble, and the heat of his thick veiny met rammed deep in your hole nearly makes you collapse onto the cot.

The man's grip is merciless, however, and he starts to pummel at your hole with his dick without pausing to let you catch even a single breath. You let out a long low whimper as his dick pounds deep in your ass, the heat and pain flowering up into something on the borders of torture. His hands grip you so tight you know he's going to leave bruises, and his sweat starts to drip down onto your back with every thrust.

"Uncomfortable enough for you, boy?" he snaps.

"Yes!" you manage to gasp.

He reaches under with one hand and grips your balls hard, twisting. You cry out.

"Yes, what?" he asks.

"Yes, daddy!"

He laughs and lets go of your balls, returning his grip to your waist and continuing the rough plowing. When your arms finally give way, the older man just climbs onto the cot between thrusts, and gives himself more leverage to ram his cock home. It seems to go on forever - but to your amazement, your dick grows hard again under the onslaught of the man's violent fuck. His grunts, the scent of his sweat, the feel of him using you as roughly as he is - all of it combines into a mind-warping reality...

You love this.

"Fuck!" the older man grunts, and your ass fills with the hot liquid relief of his load. It burns in a different way, the slickness finally soothing somewhat the beating your ass took from the older man's cock. He leans far over you, grinding his load in deep, panting and sweaty, then slowly pulls his dick out.

You lie on the cot for a moment, ass in the air, panting for breath.

"For fuck's sake, boy, show some fucking manners - lick this clean for daddy."

You crawl to obey, putting the man's thick and cum-sticky dick in your mouth, and licking it clean. The daddy takes your chin in his hands, and smiles down at you just before he blows a wad of spit in your face.

"Now," he says. "You suck that till daddy's hard again, and we'll see just how uncomfortable he can make you."

Your eyes widen as the saliva drips across your cheek onto the shaft of the older man's dick.

Definitely a birthday you're not going to forget.

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