"Yes, let's forget this happened and be friends."

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Status: Naked and forgiving

"Of course, Cindi. You were my best friend and I hope you can be my best friend again.", you tell her.

"Thanks, you're so nice", she says. You come up to her and hug her. Cindi brings her hand down and presses your clit.

"You little snot bag! That's your second strike already", you joke. "Sorry, couldn't help myself", she says sticking her tongue out a bit,

"Come on, I'll drive you home. Do you need to borrow some of my clothes?". "Nah", you reply, "it's not like there's anything left to hide. Just the ride is fine".

You arrive at your house and Cindi walks you to your door. Cindi says "Hey, it was nice seeing you, all of you..."

"Ciindiii...", you say.

"Sorry, I was just teasing. I didn't mean anything.", Cindi says apologetically, "Here,I'll turn around and won't look until you change into your clothes".

Cindi turns and closes her eyes. " Cindi, you're a real goober, you know that?", you tease, "I was trying to the L you something nice. You can turn back and look at me". She turns and can't believe what she sees.

You are standing on front of the railing, ass and pussy in the air with your legs spread wide.

You say "We have 20 minutes before my neighbors start coming home from work so shut up and pull out your camera.". I believe this was what my first impression looked like and I want you to capture it for posterity. I don't want a romantic relationship with you, I want to be friends. But if you happen to look at my pictures while you play with yourself,well, who am I to stop you? Oh, and if you need more pictures "for posterity", I might "accidentally" forget my clothes again.".

With a tear in her eye and a wetness in her nether regions, Cindi says "You are the greatest friend ever! I love you.".

You reply "I love you too, Cindi and who knows. If you play your cards right I might let you "say hello" to me the way you did earlier.

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