"Yes, daddy. That's what I want."

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The daddy bear leads you outside and into the parking lot to a truck. He smiles at you, and pushes you against the passenger door for a moment, kissing you with a rough, possessive tongue and pressing his hard-on against your stomach again.

"Ready to go?" he says.

You nod. He grins, and unlocks the truck. You get into the pickup, strapping yourself in and having to adjust your hard on again in your jeans. The daddy bear gets behind the wheel and reaches over and gives your crotch a good squeeze, making you gasp a little. He laughs again.

"Fuck yeah," he says, and puts turns on the truck.

He speeds, so it takes about twenty minutes or so to get back to the daddy bear's place - a house just outside the city. The trip passes in silence, and you watch his hairy forearms on the steering wheel out of the corner of your eyes. The daddy bear pulls into the driveway, and gets out, and you follow, your dick still rock hard and your mind racing. You've never just let yourself do this before - go home with a stranger, and hell, barely any conversation, but you're so fucking horny from the cock you've sucked and the way the daddy bear takes control that at this point you think you'd agree to anything. It's a liberating, arousing - and a little bit terrifying - feeling.

He grabs you again at the doorway once he unlocks it, and pushes you against the wall in the entrance way, another rough intrusive kiss scraping your chin with his beard and filling your mouth with his tongue. You moan into his mouth, and he grabs your ass with both hands, pulling you against him. Finally, he steps back.

"Get naked, boy," he says.

You strip. You've come this far, and you're so turned on, you'd do anything he says. He watches you shuck your shirt and jeans, socks and shoes, and smiles when your dick pops up, still hard and desperate to come. He steps back, still in the entrance hall, and undoes his belt, unzips his jeans, and - through the opening in his boxers - he tugs out a thick veiny uncut cock that's hard and ready for you.

"Suck it, boy."

You kneel in front of him and he grabs your head with both hands as soon as you put his hard meat in your mouth. Your tongue explores under his foreskin for just a second, and then he's skull-fucking you rough with deep thrusts that made you gag and makes your mouth fill with saliva. You grip his thighs, trying to keep up with the rapid pace he's dicking you with, and slowly adjust, tears streaming down your cheeks from the almost choking sensation of his cock.

"Yeah, you take it, boy... You get that dick ready, boy," he growls, tugging on your hair. Your hands move up under his shirt, rubbing his hairy belly and feeling the strength of his body as he rams into your mouth.

"Alright," he says, and pulls his cock out of your mouth with a slurp. It's covered with your spit, and some of your saliva drips off your chin. You pant for breath.

"Upstairs," he says.

You rise, and head for the stairs. He slaps your ass hard as you pass him, and he laughs when you yelp. He follows you, close behind, slapping at your ass as you walk, moving faster and faster. He corrals you into the master bedroom, where you see a king sized bed with a cast iron bedrails at the foot and head of the bed. He pushes you onto the bed, and you fall onto your back, looking up at him. He towers above you, a hairy older man with his hard cock sticking out of his jeans. He pulls his shirt over his head. His hairy chest is dusted with gray, but he's got a powerful stocky build that makes you shift on the bed in anticipation. He tugs off his boots and socks, and steps out of his jeans and boxers, his thick meat still hard and standing tall. He crawls onto the bed over you, and grinds himself against you, your cocks are rubbed together hard, his hairy body a delicious friction. You moan into his mouth again, and he chuckles.

He rolls you over, and then his beard is at your ass, the roughness of it a contrast to the hot tongue he shoves into your ass. You're soon writhing and gasping, pushing your ass against his bearded face while he jabs his tongue at your entrance.

He spits into your hole a few times, and then uses one rough finger to push his spit in, slicking you up. You moan at the feel of his finger inside you.

"Gonna fuck you, boy," he growls, and shifts on the bed.

He rubs his cock up and down between your ass cheeks, and tugs on your waist until you rise up on your hands and knees. Then he grips your waist tighter, lines up his dick at your hole, and shoves in with nothing but the spit for lube.

He's thick, and his rough entry makes you cry out a little. He grunts, pushing himself in deeper, and you gasp in a breath. He chuckles, and you can feel his dick vibrate with his laughter. He leans over you, pushing his dick in further.

"Ain't got no neighbors, boy," he says. "Be as loud as you like."

Then he starts to fuck you with ruthless thrusts from the get-go. You grunt and moan and cry out, but the sensation of his cock beating your ass inside is incredible, and his rough grip and gravelly voice make you feel more submissive and boyish than you've ever felt in your life.

"Yeah, take daddy's dick, boy..." he growls as he fucks you. "You like daddy fucking your ass, don't you boy?"

"Yes!" you gasp.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, daddy!" you cry out. He laughs, and fucks you all the harder.

Without warning, he pulls out, and you grunt in surprise and a little pain. He rolls you over roughly, placing himself between your legs, and lifts your ankles high. Looming over you, the hairy daddy pushes his dick back into your roughly fucked ass and leans far over you, ramming himself home with his thick powerful thighs. You look up at him, watching his neck redden with the effort and his eyes lock on yours. Your hands rise and grip his neck.

"Yeah, pull daddy into you, boy," he says. "Take daddy's cock! You want daddy's seed in you deep, don't you boy?"

"Yes, daddy!" you nearly yell, and he laughs, thrusting a few dozen more times with rougher and rougher thrusts before his thick cock erupts with hot spunk deep in your ass. He yells and shoves himself in deep, and you feel all three of his hot surges of semen fill your battered ass. He holds himself inside you and you let go of his neck and jerk your cock fast, tipping over quickly and spurting your own load across your stomach.

The daddy bear grins down at you, his sweaty body filling the room with a musk. He pulls out of you, and lets go of your ankles. He pushes two fingers into your ass, then puts his cummy fingers at your lips. You lick them.

"Good boy," he says, then slides off the bed. "You need a shower before I take you home?"

You lie there, dazed for a moment. Definitely the best birthday you have ever had.

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