"Yes! Fuck me, Daddy!"

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The stocky older man grins, and behind you, you hear the bear say, "Yeah, fuck him, Gord."

The stocky man pulls at your ass cheek with one hand, and you rise a bit on your haunches. He meets your gaze as he aims his dick with his other hand, and then pulls on your thigh, lowering your twitching ass onto his rigid cock. You grunt and gasp as his cockhead pushes past your opening, but he continues pulling you down with a steady slow progress until your ass is full of his meat and you're once more resting on his lap. Your own dick throbs.

The stocky stud takes your waist in his hands. "Yeah, boy - you're gonna ride my fucking dick, aren't you?"

You nod rapidly, and the older man starts to tug at your waist in little jerks, not so much fucking you up and down with his dick as making his hard cock rub inside you at different angles. The sensation is a mix of pain and pleasure in the bubbling water, and you have to grip his wide shoulders to hold yourself in place while he continues you tug you onto his dick. Soon you're letting out little yelps, and the big man's neck is turning redder and redder. His eyes never leave yours, and you stare at him while he fucks your ass in a way you've never taken dick before. Your yelps grow louder and more needy, your voice giving way to bursts of breath, and he starts to really tug you back and forth now, his dick battering you inside to the point of making your eyes water.

With a sudden movement, he lifts out of the water, and your wrap your legs around him tightly, gripping his neck with your arms. His dick stays firm in your ass, and he holds you onto him with an iron grip as he twists in place to put you on your back at the edge of the hot tub. You yell at the movement, and the depth of his thrust in your sore ass, and you hear the bear laugh.

The older man unwraps your legs while he fucks you, and holds one calf in each hand, rolling you higher onto your back. His dick pounds at your ass for a while longer, and then, with a loud grunt, you feel him erupt in your hole with a surge of hot cum. He lets go of your legs and takes your nipples in each hand, and twists them once - the sensation rocks you all the way down your spine, and you feel your own load blast from your dick, across your stomach.

With a loud groan, the older man pulls out of your ass, and stands in the hot water. You look at his stocky frame, glistening and wet, his dick still half-hard, and his skin flushed and his chest heaving.

"Holy fuck," you breathe.

The bear appears beside the stocky guy, grinning. "Can we keep him?"

The stocky older man laughs. "I think so."

You start to laugh, thoroughly fucked, and feeling amazing.

Best birthday ever.

The End (Feedback to [email protected])

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