"Yeah, daddy, I want it all over my shirt!"

From Create Your Own Story

With a bellow, he pulls his dick free from your ass, and twists you around by your waist, so you fall back against the dumpster a little, awkwardly landing there on your naked ass. He grips his cock, and jerks himself rapidly. Ropes of cum blast from his lube-slicked dick, the first largest spurt hitting your face and trailing all the way down your shirt, the next three smaller spurts mostly splattering on your shirt. He jerks for a moment longer, and when the last spurt drops on your shirt, he winks down at you.

"Mission accomplished, slut," he says, and tucks his cock back into his jeans. He goes back into the bar through the back door, and you sit there for a moment, panting.

You realize you can't go back inside with cum spattered all over your face and shirt, so you rise shakily, tugging your jeans and underwear up over your naked ass, and make your way out of the alley, for the long walk home, rubbing some of the cum off your face on the rare dry portions of your shirt.

Quite the birthday.

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